Giving Progressive Lenses A Chance

I was due for my annual eye exam and the optician agreed that if I was becoming frustrated constantly switching between my different sets of glasses and that I was needing both, that progressives would be a great option for me...And I love them!!

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When is Chilean Sea Bass not Chilean Sea Bass?

What we know as Chilean Sea Bass blew into the American market in the 1990s. Delicious and rich, almost impossible to overcook, this delight from cold waters in the Southern Hemisphere became wildly popular. Before it was called Chilean Sea Bass, it was called Patagonian Toothfish, and was, essentially, a junk fish that no one wanted.

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A Brave New World

In 1932, Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World was published...In 2018, we are closer than ever to finding a cure for thousands of diseases caused by genetic mutations. Last night on CBS, 60 Minutes aired a segment on CRISPR, a gene editing tool which is revolutionizing biomedical research. Click on the link below to learn more about this groundbreaking discovery!

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Photo by Mekina Saylor

Taking time, building strength

As we age, long intense workouts surprisingly aren’t necessarily the best for us. The key to maintaining a happy body and mind as we age are efficient workouts, such as interval training. Fitness expert and health coach Julie Diamond gives us some tips to help us with these brief and comprehensive full body workouts.

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phones senior tips

Top 4 Phones for Seniors

Purchasing a smartphone shouldn’t mean foregoing senior-friendly features and, vice versa, purchasing a simplified, economical alternative shouldn’t mean departing with an easy way to call, text, or share updates with family and friends. We’ve rounded up our two favorite smartphones and our two favorite no-frills phones, each with unique features to highlight.

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