Best Books for Retirement

Without the right financial planning and goals, retirement might seem overwhelming. We’ve put together this short list of our favorite books on Amazon that will help you prepare for your golden years. Some focus on financial planning while others help cultivate a positive outlook on life after your professional life!

retirement finance
retirement finance

Get What’s Yours – Revised & Updated by Laurence J. Kotlikoff

The Social Security system can often be confusing and difficult to navigate especially going into retirement. But Get What’s Yours makes the financial aspect of retiring, not as scary. If you’re a retired parent of dependent children, a retired widow or widower, a married retired couple, or disabled, you’ll find the information you need in this book!


Purposeful Retirement by Hyrum W. Smith and Ken Blanchard

A retirement guide that helps ease the transition from a professional work life to the simple yet satisfying years following your world of work. Having purpose is the core of a fulfilling life and that is no different during your golden years!


How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free by Ernie J. Zelinski

Being able to have a happy and enjoyable retirement goes beyond just being financially secure. Zelinski sets his book apart from the rest by applying a holistic approach to the dreams, hesitations and hopes of retirement.


The 5 Years Before You Retire by Emily Guy Birken

You may have been saving money over the years but now it’s crunch time. The last 5 years before you retire are especially important to evaluate your retirement budget and this book will help guide you every step of the way!

How to Make Your Money Last by Jane Bryant Quinn

This book makes worrying about running out of money in your older age, a thing of the past. Quinn will show you how to look at your investments and savings in a new way and she will give a few tips on how to obtain higher payments from your assets.


Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan

With advice on how to build a dream team of experts to financially through your golden years and advice on how to make your own investing decisions (outlines simple investing strategies), this book has something for every person that is looking to retire.


You’re Only Old Once! by Dr. Seuss

Yes, you may be getting your grandchildren books by Dr. Seuss but he says that this one is for “obsolete children.” While it won’t give you investments strategies for your golden years, this colorful and rhythmic book is a great gift for a spouse or a friend who is thinking of retirement!


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