Aging as Told by 3 Fabulous Female Authors

International Women’s Day, held annually on March 8, is a worldwide event that calls for gender equality while celebrating women’s achievements, from the political to the social to the arts.

Today, join us in honoring women in literature. We’ve chosen our three favorite female authors that confront the topic of aging gracefully (especially as a woman) in their work. The selection ranges from humorous memoirs to contemplative novels, and we recommend looking into some of Suzanne Somers’ best-sellers if you’re interested in self-help and healthy living.

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Seniors and The Congressional Joint Tax Code Overhaul

A couple of weeks ago, Congressional Republican leaders reached an agreement on the final version of their tax bill, indicating the potential passage of the largest tax code overhaul in more than a decade. The GOP moved quickly to pass the bill and claimed a victory in a year otherwise marked by a series of unsuccessful attempts to pass legislation, and a fire stoked by Democrat Doug Jones’ surprising win in Alabama’s special election for a US Senate seat. But what effects will these changes to the tax code have on individuals? And how does this affect seniors, particularly those who rely on Social Security or Medicare?

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Best Books for Retirement

Without the right financial planning and goals, retirement might seem overwhelming. We’ve put together this short list of our favorite books on Amazon that will help you prepare for your golden years. Some focus on financial planning while others help cultivate a positive outlook on life after your professional life!

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