Guide to Picking a Senior-Friendly Cruise Ship

A sardonic take on cruise ships says that they’re for the newlywed, overfed, or nearly dead, but there is certainly some truth in jest.

Passenger ships always been popular with the senior crowd, and for the same reasons any of us would choose to cruise: cost-effectiveness, reliable food and drink, getting pampered, having our itinerary all worked out for us, and seeing all the sights at your doorstep while only unpacking once.

Maybe this is your maiden voyage, though, and you aren’t sure how to find the company and, more specifically, the ship that meets your checklist of needs. It’s important to note that different ships offer different amenities, services, and facilities, which varies especially with a ship’s size.

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What Are Yellow and Live in The Canary Islands?

On a recent visit to two of the islands, myMEGusta saw bananas and plantains growing all over the place on Gran Canaria. Some were in orderly farms, others in odd fabric greenhouses. We were told that a grower’s investment in the greenhouses is significant, but that the yields were substantially higher thanks to protection from the winds and other elements.

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Seniors and The Congressional Joint Tax Code Overhaul

A couple of weeks ago, Congressional Republican leaders reached an agreement on the final version of their tax bill, indicating the potential passage of the largest tax code overhaul in more than a decade. The GOP moved quickly to pass the bill and claimed a victory in a year otherwise marked by a series of unsuccessful attempts to pass legislation, and a fire stoked by Democrat Doug Jones’ surprising win in Alabama’s special election for a US Senate seat. But what effects will these changes to the tax code have on individuals? And how does this affect seniors, particularly those who rely on Social Security or Medicare?

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