Easy Weekend Dinner Cookbooks For All Needs and Interests

It’s crucial for our well-being that we find ways to empower ourselves every day, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. This rings especially true for folks of a certain age. Reclaiming the kitchen and preparing home-cooked meals is but one example of a small but radical way to take your agency and health back into your own hands.

There’s simply no excuse for a dietary restriction to limit the scope of your food preparation. We’ve rounded up a selection of best-selling cookbooks for easy weekend dinner recipes that cater to common needs and interests.

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The 15 Best Resorts For Senior Skiing Nationwide

They say after 50 it’s all downhill...sounds good to us!

Snow conditions for the 2017-2018 ski season are reaching their mid-late winter optimums, and plenty of skiers are expected to hit the slopes over President’s Day weekend and late-March spring break. Among them is an estimated 1.25 million people over 55 that ski and board in the US.

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Best Places to Retire

The 10 Best Places To Retire Overseas in 2018

For nearly 40 years now, International Living has made it a mission to demonstrate that you can indeed enjoy a comparable, if not better, retirement overseas. As the world’s most well respected resource for overseas opportunities, we are inclined (and delighted) to agree with it!
International Living just released its 2018 Global Retirement Index, a catalog of worldwide destinations that has been assessed along dimensions such as cost and affordability, topography and climate, food and culture, and quality of life and healthcare. We’ve rounded up the Top 10 countries for you, most of which happen to be Spanish-speaking. Now may be the time to start brushing up, ¡Hala!

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Senior Living

Intergenerational Cohousing: an excellent option for senior living

Today, more than ever, there are some excellent community living options available that take the wants and needs of older adults into consideration—from deliberate design to resources, to long-term care solutions. For those without serious medical conditions, independent senior living facilities and assisted living are the most common. Another perfectly viable option for this demographic is cohousing, which the Cohousing Association of the United States describes as “an intentional community of private homes clustered around shared space...households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities and shared spaces.”

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