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The hot new trend in kitchen appliances? The Instant Pot. This is not the old pressure cooker but a new version! If this was one of your holiday gifts we have you covered with some easy dinner recipes. 

This ultra-sophisticated pressure cooker is not like ones that you’ve owned in that past that threaten to blow the house up with even the slightest jiggle. It is a safe, stainless steel appliance that will cut your cook time in half and drastically cuts back on the number of dishes you’ll have to do post meal!

It is essentially a seven feature machine that claims to cook a whole chicken in 24 minutes and make rice in under 4 minutes. It functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, porridge maker, and yogurt maker (we haven’t tried this feature out quite yet)! Pre-Programmed settings (soup, meat/stew, beans/chili, poultry, rice, porridge) take the guesswork and human error out of your favorite dishes, making them consistently delicious!


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While the automatic settings will provide you with a perfectly cooked meal right off the bat, you’ll want to tinker with time and temperature as you get more comfortable with using your Instant Pot. We recommend getting an Instant Pot cookbook to expand your knowledge on the functionality of this coveted machine, and be able to enjoy every feature to its full extent.


Even though the Instant Pot claims to cook baby back ribs in 20 minutes and boil a potato in 12 minutes, what it doesn’t factor into those time standards is how long it takes to heat up and the time it takes to depressurize after cooking. However, with this taken into consideration, it still takes significantly less time to prepare a meal in this pot than it would otherwise.


Are you ready to create complicated, time-consuming recipes in not time at all? The Instant Pot has made our lives in the kitchen much easier and has also allowed us to experiment with new recipes we wouldn’t have tried without this revolutionary gadget.


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Below are some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes, cookbooks, and accessories to get you started!


Faux-tisserie Chicken

Maple Smoked Brisket

Sweet Potato (only takes 10 minutes!)

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Lemon Shrimp Risotto


The Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals

Instant Pot Cookbook: 500 Most Delicious Recipe Collection Anyone Can Cook

Instant Pot CookBook: 550 Recipes For Every Day

The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook: Fresh and Foolproof Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker


Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Set, Gift Set

Genuine Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Cups

Instant Pot Silicone Starter Set

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Springform Cake Pan

Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass lid, Clear – 9 in. (23 cm) – 6 Quart


Let us know if you have the Instant Pot and what you think of it! Share recipes, tips, and tricks with us in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram

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