Giving Progressive Lenses A Chance

For years I knew I couldn’t see things that were far away. Sometimes I would succomb to wearing the glasses which had been prescribed for me, usually when driving. I rationalized not wearing them most of the time by telling myself I didn’t really need to read the road signs- I knew my way. Putting the glasses on was always an eye opening experience (pun intended) as everything appeared brighter and clearer and I wondered why I didn’t reach for my specs more often. The truth is, I could never keep track of the many pairs of glasses I had purchased over the years. If I tried to keep a pair in my car, it ended up in the house after forgetting to take them off before leaving the car. When I needed my glasses to lay in bed and watch a movie with subtitles, they were never in my bedside table drawer as I had moved them somewhere else the last time I needed to use them. So I squinted and made do with my G-d given eyes.
And then came the fateful day when I was trying to read the color of the bottom of a lip gloss wand and I failed. There was no way I could read those tiny words. I knew then that I had aged into my next visual conundrum….I needed reading glasses to see close up and my old prescription lenses for distance. This seemed doable since I didnt resort to my distance glasses often and the reading glasses were only necessary when reading something teeny tiny, like the expiration date on the back of a medicine bottle or directions for setting up a new electronic device. More and more I found myself needing the reading glasses. But when I used them to do a crossword puzzle for example, I became dizzy every time I looked up from the page. So I stopped using them when I needed them and threw my hands up the air. I had heard there was a product called the progressive lense and I set out to obtain a pair for myself.
I was due for my annual eye exam and my optician agreed that if I was becoming frustrated constantly switching between my different sets of glasses and that I was needing both, that progressives would be a great option for me…And I love them!!
Ive been wearing these glasses for two days, so I hate to rush to judgement, but I really really like them. No more squinting, no more moving the paper back and forth to achieve optimal distance from my eyes, no more switching glasses. One pair of progressives and my world has changed!!
The lense is a combination of 3 separate lenses for seeing near, far and one for using a computer. took a day and a half to acclimate to my new lenses. The top 1/3 of the lense is my distance prescription; so I drop my chin slightly to see out of that portion of the lens. The middle portion is for when using a computer and only requires that I look straight ahead at the screen through the center of the lens. Finally, when I need my reading prescription I lift my chin slightly and look through the botto portion of the lens.
It may seem like a lot of work at first, and there have definitely been times where I lifted my chin when I should have lowered it causing me to look through the “wrong” portion of the lens. But all in all my new progressive lenses have been a game changer. They’re worth a try!

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