Grandparenting Tips : Holiday Shopping Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone but you might still be stumped on what gifts to get your grandchildren for the Holidays. Depending on their age, we’ve broken down what we think might be on their wish list this year. Each age group has an array of options that vary in price so you will be able to stick to your budget! Check out our grandparent’s tips for holiday shopping. 

Instead of buying a physical gift, it might be a better option to give the gift of an experience to your grandchild. Whether that means sending them to camp or going on an adventure with them, sometimes an experience is a greater gift than something tied up with a bow.

Grandparenting Holiday Shopping Tips
Grandparenting Holiday Shopping Tips


Toddlers 1 – 3


This simple yet durable toy will keep your toddler grandchildren amused for years. The Bilibo is essentially for sitting in, spinning or rocking. However, it can be used as a step stool, a pool toy or a way to carry other toys.

Lego Duplo: My First Deluxe Box of Fun

A great introduction Lego set for kids. Made for toddlers around two years of age, these the Lego pieces are large enough that you won’t have to worry about them being a choking hazard. The set has 95 pieces and comes in an easy to use storage box.

Radio Flyer Journey Wagon

The newest and improved version of the classic wagon. With an extra long handle, storage compartment, foldable seats, seat belts, and cupholders, this wagon is a convenient and USEABLE for both parents and children alike.

Haba Magic Forest Play Tent

With several other themes to choose from, Haba is the go-to for play tents. It’s something that will keep toddlers fascinated for hours, and folds up nicely into its own storage bag.

Water Wheel Play table

Just add water! A sturdy water table with moveable parts that will let toddlers have a sensory learning experience. Whether it’s the turning water wheel or the floating boats, your grandkid will surely love this gift.


Preschoolers 3-5

Radio Flyer Tricycle

The classic red tricycle that your kids used to play on, only improved! Gift it to your grandkids or keep it at your house for all your grandchildren to enjoy when they come to visit.

Super Art Table

Large enough to accommodate every art project a young artist might create and plentiful storage for all the supplies! A spool of paper hangs beneath the table, ready for any sudden inspiration.

Orchard Game

Start the boardgames tradition off at a young age with this game. Rather than being a competitive game, this is one where everyone must work together in order to win. Perfect for you to play with your kids and grandkids.

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Made in America, from recycled milk jugs, this toy is a good way to start a conversation about recycling with your grandkids. With working parts but no metal axles, this is a nice simple, environmentally conscious option.

My Dream Puppy

The next best thing to a real pet, My Dream Puppy is part of the Little Live Pets line of interactive plush animals. With lifelike sounds, a moving body and expressive eyes, this gift will be more of a companion than a toy.


School-age Children 5-9

Elenco Snap Circuits

A wonderful toy for learning about circuits and electronics. Help your little Einstein build radios, doorbells and electronic games. Please note that there quite a few small parts, so if there are younger children at home, this gift will need to be kept in a safe place!

Razor Scooter

Durable, sturdy and easy to ride, these scooters will provide your grandchildren years of fun. For the kid that wants to be mobile but doesn’t want to try skateboarding. These scooters also don’t take up nearly as much room as bicycles do for storage.

Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

With instructions and ingredients for dozens of experiments, this kit is sure to spark an interest in science. All contents of the kit are non-toxic, providing a safe environment to experiment in.

Wildkin Sleepingbag

A necessity for sleepovers with friends or at a grandparents house. With an array of colors and patterns to choose from, these sleeping bags are flame-retardant and don’t contain chemicals. Each bag comes with a storage pouch and a pillow, providing for easy storage. These bags can also be used as a bed topper when unzipped.


Tweens 9-12

Spike Ball Game

The newest sport that has become increasingly popular over the last few years, Spikeball is a cross between four-square and volleyball. Includes a net that looks like a small trampoline, and a ball.  

National Geographic Metal Detector

This lightweight metal detector is a great gift for the treasure hunting tween. It’s an educational tool that will teach your grandchild about the various types of metal that they discover and provide them with hours of fascination and fun.

RockJam Keyboard

Is one of your grandkids interested in music or taking piano lessons? This digital keyboard is a great learning tool for beginning pianists. It features 200 sounds and rhythms and comes fully equipped with a stand, stool and headphones.

Speak Out Game

This hilarious game will provide both friends and family alike with laugh-out-loud fun. Players must read a phrase off their selected card while wearing a mouthpiece that hinders their words. In the end, the winning team will have guessed the most phrases correctly.


Teens and Young Adults


A comfortable seat or lounger that can be inflated within seconds. When deflated, it can fit into a small package, making it perfect for all your outdoor activities such as beach days, camping trips, hanging in the park, or festivals. Your teen or young adult grandkid will thank you!

iPod Touch

The newest iPod Touch has the ability to do so much more than just store and play music. With just a wifi connection, your grandkid will be able to enjoy the internet, utilize multiple apps, and even contact you with this device.


Buddha Board

Great for dorm rooms, the Buddha board uses water to create a painting. However, the painting will gradually fade away, leaving a blank canvas for the next painting!

Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards

Some people love gift cards and others hate them, but more often than not, teens love them. Giving your teen grandkid the freedom to pick out what they really want or need is a present in itself. We recommend giving an Amazon gift card or an Apple gift card!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

The newest version of the old polaroid camera that will be the perfect gift for any instantly gratified teen. Polaroid also makes a similar instant camera but the Instax is more popular amongst young adults! Along with the camera itself, we recommend getting several packs of film to include (maybe as a stocking stuffer).

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