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Travel Tuesday: Bermuda Senior Travel Tips

A quick flight from the eastern seaboard, tropical weather, glistening blue water and culinary delights are but a few of the reasons for those over 65 to visit the island of Bermuda for a relaxing getaway.
The natives are overtly friendly and exhibit a pride in the beauty and cleanliness of their land you'd be hard pressed to find in other places. Here we share our senior travel tips for Bermuda.

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Nurturing the Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is one of the most coveted of intra-familial bonds. As grandparents, you have the opportunity to play a very special role in the lives of your grandchildren. However, engaging in meaningful discussion with the younger generation can be a challenging art, which requires a bit of forethought and practice. Additionally, it is sometimes difficult to think of fun activities you will both enjoy.

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